Welcome to the Interweave Knitting Terms and Glossary! Our knitting experts do an excellent job at keeping this must-read glossary up-to-date with the latest knitting terms and abbreviations. From the applied I-cord to the whipstitch, our complete knitting glossary will help you master all of the latest and most common knitting terms like a pro. Not only do these knitting definitions help you understand the meaning of knitting terms, but they also provide instructions for how to master new stitches and techniques that help you create wonderful new knitting projects that you’ll be proud to share.

We also enhanced the Interweave Knitting Terms and Glossary with excellent images, diagrams and videos so that you can see first-hand just how to learn the most popular knitting stitches and styles. As your resource for all things knitting-related, we’re happy to help you improve your skills or start from scratch. These knitting terms are excellent for those who are experts in the field and want to grow their knowledge base as well as knitters who are brand-new to fiber arts.

If there are knitting terms that you think should be added to our glossary, please contact us! Click on one of the links below to expand that section of the knitting terms.

Please see our Knitting Abbreviation List for standard knitting abbreviations.

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Learn about knitting terms below:

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